Feedback, Complaints and Appeals

Feedback, Complaints and Appeals

Sydney International School of Technology and Commerce (SISTC) is committed to providing a positive and supportive student experience at all times.

Feedback, Complaints and Appeals

Positive and Constructive Feedback

We love to hear your positive feedback and value constructive criticism with suggested solutions. Please do let us know what we’re doing well by clicking on the button below.

Appeals and complaints

Students have access to our open, clear, transparent and easy options to lodge feedback or to request a review of or appeal any decision or action or lodge a complaint that affects you as a student – academic or non academic, informal or formal. In all cases we follow our policy and the principles of due process.

Appeals or complaints where we have not followed our policy

If an initial informal chat with key staff does not solve the issue, next steps involve a confidentially review by a senior staff member who had no involvement in the original decision or action and may be escalated further internally as necessary.

Issues are usually mutually resolved internally.

In rare circumstances, where the internal review processes have been followed and no mutually agreeable outcome agreed, a final independent review is available. The independent external review is by a nominated external review agency listed in our policy, but not associated with SISTC and available to students free of charge.

Please click this link to complete our Student Feedback, Complaints and Appeals Form.
For full details, please click this link so see our Student Complaints Appeals and Grievances Policy.
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