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Work Integrated Learning

Work Integrated Learning

At Sydney International we offer you the opportunity to experience an IT role during your course in our ‘Professional Experience’ unit.

You will combine the academic theory of your studies with practical workplace experiences, in what is known as ‘Work Integrated Learning’.

In this unit you will:

  • Develop work-based learning skills
  • Build disciplinary knowledge
  • Develop business communication skills, interpersonal skills, and teamwork abilities
  • Design /Implement previously learned concepts
  • Enhance and articulate understanding of business processes
  • Improve your employment opportunities after graduation

In Professional Experience, you will have the guidance of sponsors and mentors to provide ongoing support during your experience to make sure you work on real-life professional activities and build on the skills and knowledge of your course. You will also develop intercultural awareness in a work environment and graduate qualities which will prepare you for your dream career as an IT professional.

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